Why YOUR Creative Voice Matters

As a writer, that’s your asset. That’s your asset. Being who you are. Your opinion, your POV, your perspective, that’s your asset. – Allen Maldonado Shows like Atlanta, written by Donald Glover or Issa Rae’s Insecure, share a singular quality of putting out stories that cater and speak to the success and Read more…

By Nikki Blaylock, ago
Pop Culture

The New Sound of Houston Rap Culture Belongs to Travis Scott

“Screw found international sound…” -Travis Scott, ‘R.I.P Screw’ Travis Scott’s new album Astroworld is an accurate depiction of Houston’s sonic mainstream evolution but rather than play puppet to the wave, he’s the ringmaster, orchestrating the perfect blend between classic screw music and his psychedelic trap style with R&B undertones. Astroworld displays Read more…

By Nikki Blaylock, ago