Cardi B is OKUUUUR with Pepsi

Cardi B. was the latest music performer to have her own PEPSI commercial during the Superbowl. Joining alongside Beyonce’, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears, the young rapper is proving she has what it takes to be a multi-faceted icon. Stemming from her Instagram video days, Cardi has long shown her Read more…

By Gené Hunter, ago

Melanated: How Entrepreneur Deidre Roberson Found Synergy in Science and Fashion

Most aspiring fashion entrepreneurs don’t study Chemistry in college, but Deidre Roberson isn’t your average mogul. By day, Roberson is a full-time Environmental Scientist and by night she’s the Creative Director and Founder/CEO of Eumelanin; a clothing and jewelry brand empowering Black and brown people around the world. Art and Science Belong Read more…

By Kish Lal, ago