Everyone wants to be great. And for Mogul Prep’s Fashion Mogul Challenge runner up, Grant Henderson, the best way to be great is to inspire greatness in others; which is why his clothing brand Greatness The One, or Greatness, for short, sets a goal “to inspire young people to Be Great through our message and our products.”

“Overall it’s a brand dedicated to inspiring young people to be great through streetwear design and product,” Grant said during his Mogul Prep interview. “It’s a fun but edgy brand that has something to say at the end of the day.”

Grant stated his purpose in life is to use his creativity to inspire and change the world through his products. Grant is already one of the most successful millennial entrepreneurs in the Detroit area, having built the Greatness brand to an Instagram account featuring over 2,400 followers and clothing products—-shirts, sweaters, hoodies—-all across the country. In addition to his products, Greatness boasts ambassador teams spreading across major Michigan campuses, such as Michigan, Michigan State, Central, Western Michigan, and DePaul University.

Grant’s experience and expertise made him the perfect participant for Big Sean’s Fashion Mogul Challenge. In partnership with Puma, Big Sean’s Fashion Mogul Challenge granted innovators the tools, resources, and chance to design and create their own fashion footwear and designs. Participants engaged in a working session with fashion moguls and pitched their custom made concepts to industry experts for a shot to win up to $25,000 in cash and prizes.

“I didn’t even think I was going to get picked,” Grant began. “I just filled it out thinking like, ‘oh well I might as well try,’ and then to get in. Then I figured I’d do my best, and then I placed in the top three. So I was just grateful for the opportunity because it definitely didn’t have to happen.”

More information on Grant Henderson’s Greatness brand is available at

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