It’s no longer “just Twitter.” Careers are being made on the popular social networking app.

When social media was first introduced, it was simply for networking and keeping up with family and friends. Remember when you created your Myspace page and crafted your Top 8 friends perfectly?

Time evolved and the masses navigated to Facebook to stay in touch with classmates and family that were from all over. Social media began to replace methods of communication. Then came the concept of Twitter.

Remember when Twitter was just an app where you could tweet your thoughts every 20 seconds and use hashtags carelessly? Now, as tech evolves, the platform has birthed careers and pushed out a new wave of entrepreneurs, entertainers, and comedians.

Twitter is still useful for staying connected with friends and your #internetbesties, but a lot of people have found success on the platform. We can share news, ideas, and connect with our favorite artists in the industry. 

It’s no longer “just Twitter.” It’s a social platform where dreams can come true with the click of a retweet button. Going viral is happening more than ever and many people have found their true callings on the social networking app gaining well into the hundreds of thousands of followers. 

Aziah King, popularly known as @_zolarmoon, remembers back in 2015 when the zealous Twitter user captivated millions of users with a story about a night in Florida that involved stripping, a possible shoot out, and some other wild happenings.

Photo: Jay Versace

For her, it was a regular night tweeting a quick story, but for everyone else, they were entertained and the story was soon picked up by magazines landing interviews and profile pieces. People wanted to know about her and her life. Her notoriety on Twitter even gained the attention of Solange Knowles and Zolar was featured in Knowles’ latest visual project When I Get Home.

Her Twitter followers even witnessed her moving from Florida to California and becoming a mother to a baby girl. She mentioned a book deal in the past and says she’s still “shopping around” for the perfect opportunity.

Photo: HipHollywood

Zolar isn’t the only person that’s gained opportunities and fame from the app. Kheris Rogers is an 11-year-old girl that faced bullying for her darker skin complexion and turned her trials into a successful fashion line. #FlexinMyComplexion was originally a saying that the young girl’s grandmother would use toward Kheris and her older sister, Taylor. Kheris was still facing bullying at her school even when she was transferred to a more diverse campus. Having experienced both racism and colorism, Kheris’ older sister wanted to show her off and posted a picture of the young girl using the hashtag and the post went viral.

So many people showed support to the girls and they decided to put the phrase on t-shirts and spread confidence to other girls worldwide. The greatness didn’t stop there, the young mogul even went on to appear in New York Fashion Week with her fashion line. 

The opportunities are endless when you have an amazing idea, story, or experience and put it out for others to experience it with you. Twitter has even become the place for new comedians to emerge.

What’s your next big idea that you’d like to share with the world? You never know, it could go viral, but make sure that you have your work and ideas protected. Twitter is showing that it’s best to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

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