A number of artists have ventured into the restaurant business.

The word “mogul” is almost synonymous with entrepreneur and for many music moguls, their portfolios extend outside art and entertainment. Everyone has to eat, right? With that in mind, numerous entertainers have invested their hard earned cash into restaurants. From Jay-Z to DJ Khaled to Drake, these hip-hop heavyweights have aligned their brands with the restaurant industry.

According to reports, 90% of restaurants fail in the first year, and artists such as T.I., Ludacris, and Diddy have had failed ventures in the kitchen and learned that lesson the hard way. But take a look at the select few who have successfully ventured into the food industry, and grab a plate when you touch down in their cities.

Jay Z’s The 40/40 Club (New York, NY) 

Jigga’s 40/40 Club is the creme de la creme of this list. This luxury sports bar features huge plasma TVs, multiple private lounges and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Shawn Carter-owned business. The sports-themed menu and upscale atmosphere attract The who’s who of A-List celebrities, star athletes and the biggest artists in music.


DJ Khaled’s The Licking (Miami, FL)

The next time you’re in the 305, stop by Khaled’s The Licking for the best soul food in town; steak, wings, lobster, seafood, and music. After one plate, I’m sure you’re going to want another one (*DJ Khaled voice*).

Photo: DJ Khaled

2 Chainz’ Escobar Restaurant & Tapas (Atlanta, GA)

One of the coolest spots in the ATL, on any given night, is 2 Chainz’ restaurant. You can fill up on crab cakes and lobster, get tipsy with your choice of wine and champagne, or be entertained with an Atlanta industry event. Just moments away from Philips Arena and the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, Escobar is in a prime location to keep the bottles popping and the dining luxurious.

Photo: Kontrol Magazine

Drake’s Pick 6ix Sports (Toronto, ON)

Toronto wouldn’t be the Six without a restaurant owned by the 6 God. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the great food, beers, and ambiance are the perfect embodiment of Drake’s favorite city.

Photo: CTV News

Nas’ Sweet Chick (New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA)

Move over Glady Knight’s, Nas’ restaurant is taking chicken & waffles to the next level. Classic American dishes at your request ready to satisfy even the strongest restaurant critic.

Photo: Sweet Chick

Rick Ross’ Wingstops (Multiple locations)

The Bawse Ricky Rozay owns as many as 25 Wingstop locations. Pull up a seat at this buffalo wing style chicken restaurant, and enjoy all the flavors of wings in one location.

Photo: Rick Ross

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