It’s like playlists and podcasts had a baby!

In today’s digital age, tech companies are constantly looking for the best means to interact with one another while fostering meaningful connections. Social media has allowed us to share memorable moments with friends near and far and even peek into the lives of our favorite celebrities and content creators. Pandora looks to take this to the next musical level with the launch of Pandora Stories.

Announced in late February via Pandora’s Blog, their stories feature will essentially blend podcasts and music to give you a unique experience. While podcasts dish the story behind the artists, they don’t include full songs and playlists obviously have songs, but “lack personal context from the artists behind them,” reads the blog. This is where Pandora Stories comes in.

As Pandora explains, “Pandora Stories give artists and creators of all kinds – musicians, actors, filmmakers, athletes, celebs, authors, and beyond – a new way to connect with fans in an intimate and authentic way, in their own words, using the power of music.”

Music is a very integral part of life. We listen to music at weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, parties — even work functions. It only makes sense that a music streaming platform would find a way to make music that much more special. 

The impressive first collection features a spread of musical geniuses from varying genres, including: John Legend, Daddy Yankee, Lauren Alaina, Perry Farrell, Wes Anderson music supervisor Randall Poster, Amy Winehouse collaborator and Dap-Kings guitarist Tommy Brenneck, and a Pandora-hosted story exploring “Love Songs That Really Aren’t Love Songs,” with forthcoming stories from 2 Chainz, Rob Thomas and many more.

John Legend’s story is called a “Glorious Journey” in which he shares personal stories behind some of his greatest hits including “Glory,” “All of Me,” and brand-new single, “Preach” while Daddy Yankee’s is a special Spanish-language Pandora Story, in which the artist details his life as a rising reggaeton star to “the global phenomenon he is today.”

Interested in accessing the experience? More stories are listed here.

Do note, in order to use Pandora Stories members will need Pandora Premium for $9.99/month. The platform also offers a free trial.

Artists and creators of all types can request access to Pandora Stories tools at

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