Charlotte, NC upstart DaBaby made waves with his infectious hit “Walker Texas Ranger.” He compliments his high-intensity, full-court press flow with hilariously meme-able visuals. For the “Walker Texas Ranger” video, DaBaby adopts the yeehaw lifestyle and turns a murderous threat into one of the most knee slap-worthy moments on Al Gore’s internet. DaBaby is a fusion of streetwise vigor and child-like charisma.

DaBaby never lets a beat breathe. His pinpoint accuracy with his wit and lyricism ensures that a bar never goes to waste. DaBaby treats his raps much like Giannis Antetokounmpo on the court. Though he may be virtually a blur in transition, there’s a layer of finesse and smoothness once he gets to the basket. Few rappers combine all of the elements that DaBaby offers to his listeners. When it comes to the mixture of lyricism, humor, visual creativity, and charisma DaBaby is right up there with the great 2 Chainz.

At first glance, DaBaby’s unrelenting rap style seems to be a stark contrast to his cartoonish videos. In truth, it displays the duality of DaBaby’s charismatic charm. His goofy demeanor in front of the camera is an act of deception. The muscular body suit he wears in “Suge” serves to be as eye-catching as his lyrics are ear-grabbing. As he continues his rise, his videos will only increase in production value. With the Reel Goats team alongside, DaBaby’s glistening smile will be blessing more screens soon.

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