For most people, directing a music video for your favorite artist is a fantasy not likely to come true, but for actor and director, Jonah Hill, it’s now a reality.

On March 2, Hill posted a screenshot of a text exchange with Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane.

On March 13, the Mid90s director released a video for Vampire Weekend’s new song, ‘Sunflower’ which features The Internet guitarist Steve Lacy. Filmed at locations on New York’s Upper West Side including Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass, at just over 2-minutes long, the video manages to elicit nostalgia with sepia tones and a Tarantino-like split-screen format.  The Sunflower  clip features surprise cameos from Jerry Seinfeld and Fab 5 Freddy.

Ain’t It Funny, “the most manic track” from Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s fourth studio album Atrocity, most recently received the Jonah Hill treatment. The sitcom-inspired video features Brown playing a kooky uncle, a studio audience, and an off-beat reference to drug addiction.

Hill’s newfound foray into music video direction may signal works with other artists yet to be announced. The Superbad actor has recently become a name synonymous with hip-hop; from his homage to classic hip-hop in his directorial debut Mid90s and working with Q-Tip to flexing his old-school knowledge for Genius.

While the internet buzzes about Gucci Mane’s new video, there is currently no release date, but Hill suggests there will be something coming in the “next couple of weeks.” Stay tuned.

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Kish Lal

Kish Lal is a pop culture critic based in New York.

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