72-young-old producer Arthur Dubois is a living testament to the saying, “age ain’t nothing but a number.”

As the old saying goes, “age ain’t nothing but a number.” The term was popularized by Aaliyah’s 1994 debut album by the same name, and the sentiments still holds true in 2019.

Today, people are living longer lives, marrying and having kids older, and changing careers later. In the example of 72-young-old music producer Arthur Davis, his transition into a hip-hop producer came much, much later in life.

As the story goes, Dubois walked into Haven Studios, a recording studio and music mentoring program supporting aspiring artists on the South Side of Chicago, looking for a place to work on his music. Shocked by Dubois’ older appearance and claims of being “young at heart,” the studio owner, Andre “Add-2” Daniels, decided to listen to Dubois’ music and was blown away.

Daniels was so astounded by Dubois, he recorded videos of the elder beatsmith and shared them on Twitter.

Even more surprising was the “Trap Music” coming out of the speakers. Trap is a style of hip hop music started in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which is the last genre of rap music you’d expect a 72-year-old senior citizen to gravitate towards.

The grandfather-turned-producer told Daniels the doctor said to stay in the house, so he decided to use his time learning how to make beats. He’s been making beats for six years, and is completely self-taught.

“I found something to do,” Dubios told NPR. “I had to learn how to do the computer and music at the same time.”

Even more exciting, Daniels’ videos of Dubios, went viral, garnering over 6,000 retweet and over 18,000 likes on Twitter alone. The excitement was enough for Daniels to help Dubios setup his own Twitter and Instagram pages, and Dubios has since done interviews with leading media outlets Rollingstone and the aforementioned NPR.

“I just want to put it out there and let other people hear my music,” he told NPR. “I don’t care about the Grammy’s or nothing like that. Just that people – they know where I am.”

Dubios has redefined the term “Grandfather of Hip-Hop,” and we’re perfectly fine with that.

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