Rihanna, is a boss lady making major moves and while her makeup line, shoe collection, and clothing line have propelled her from pop star to mogul, a key strategy has taken her from stage to storefront and that’s thanks to smart partnerships, branding, and marketing.

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It’s no secret Rihanna is more than a pop star. The Bajan singer has built a fashion and beauty empire that houses clothing, shoes, and makeup. In May 2018, she took it up a notch, launching Savage X Fenty, a risqué addition to Fenty Corp. The lingerie line, fashioned with the same principles as her makeup and clothing deliver all-inclusive intimates in all shades, prints, and fabrics with sizes up to 3X. While many musicians opt for fragrance campaigns, apparel, and the like, lingerie comes few and far between (aside from a spot in a coveted Calvin Klein campaign), Rihanna has built her own line rather than waiting for features in someone else’s.

Why and how does Savage X Fenty work in her favor? Well, besides the obvious, lingerie and intimates are worn every day and Rih adds her special bits of sassy and sexy flair. Pair that with a fit-for-all, affordable prices, and discounts for memberships, Savage cuts competitors like Victoria’s Secret at the knees. To date, VS lacks when it comes to diversity and inclusion with the CMO Ed Razek stating the VS show doesn’t feature plus-size or transgender woman because they don’t market to everyone and further adding fuel to the fire stating its a “fantasy” and no one had interest in their plus-size show in 2000. Razek later apologized.

Savage X Fenty, on the other hand, harnesses the goddess within every person as we’ve seen during the SS19 runway show featuring models of every size and shape (pregnant belly included) on the futuristic Garden-of-Eden like runway. She also calls wearers of her beautiful basics and provocative panties Savages. Yet again, creating a loyal community bound to return with every exclusive release.

Rih’s Savage X Fenty strategically leverages her already momentous fame to new heights by dipping into a market that already enjoys her music. The lingerie industry is valued at $38.19 billion in 2017 and is expected to generate revenue of around $59.15 billion by end of 2024 which means whether she gets round to R9 or not, Rih is making bank and will continue to make bank.


Also, let’s say, you weren’t a fan of her music — weird flex, but ok — I’d find it hard to believe an individual wouldn’t find some sort of joy in any of her lacy, sheer, cotton-soft products beckoning you to join the Savages, regardless of your size or any other hang-ups. Savage X Fenty continues to expand with the addition of accessories making the line a perfect mainstay and partnership to Fenty Corp. 




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