A hustler knows how to get the job done and make ends meet by any means necessary and Amber Grimes is no stranger to the title. When looking into the dictionary, a hustler is a noun that describes “an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.” Since coming on the scene as Nick Cannon’s personal assistant, Grimes has shown that she is the one to complete the job from start to finish and stops at nothing to tackle her next move.

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Knowing that the grind doesn’t stop, the world of music and social media watched Grimes work her way to top positions and since coming on the scene, she was known as a “Mogul in the Making.” The Atlanta native has been making moves in the music and entertainment industry since the age of 16 and maintained genuine relationships throughout the years that have allowed her to be in important rooms with prominent figures.

From working at Def Jam, with Bu Thiam, and Nick Cannon, Grimes eventually took her talents over to Spotify where she served as a senior manager. Holding down her position for nearly two years, Grimes landed her ‘dream role’ [at the time] and was able to be herself and thrive in an environment she loved.

Her early career days were centered around music, and Spotify was the platform she utilized in her daily life, so it only made sense for her to be there and to ultimately put on for her hometown and for the culture.

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As two years in her management role came up, Grimes realized that it was time for her to move on to the next chapter in her career.

“What’s next?”
A question that every successful person is hit with when they’re moving on from one endeavor to the next. For Amber, her next chapter was something even bigger than Spotify and was a testament that nothing is impossible.

The go-getter currently works at Capitol Music Group and holds the title of ‘Senior Vice President of Global Creative’. What’s so dope about this move for Grimes is that the position was newly created specifically for her. In her new position, Grimes will be integrally involved in formulating and executing the company’s global streaming strategy. She will also draw upon her diverse experiences to lead the company’s Innovation Team and Ten3 Content Creation Department and will play an important role in building and expanding CMG’s industry-leading roles in these areas.“

Capitol prides themselves on developing and scouting new talent in the creative industry and Grimes is no stranger to that. Having gained an outstanding rapport while working at Spotify, members of CMG were already aware of the tenacity she’d bring to the management team and knew it would be a tremendous gain.

While nothing ever comes easy nor happens overnight, Grimes shares a few pieces of key advice to those working and constantly looking for their breakthrough:

• Network, network, network

• Always be willing to do the work

• Fully attack everything you want to go after

• Always be a student of the game

• Watch what you think, watch what you say out loud, and watch how you talk to yourself

So many people watched Grimes make strides for herself and serve as a representation for so many others. As a woman, a black woman, a college dropout, and oftentimes the youngest person in the room, Grimes is a beacon of light.

Her journey shows that you can create your own path and dream careers do exist.



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