Cardi B. was the latest music performer to have her own PEPSI commercial during the Superbowl. Joining alongside Beyonce’, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears, the young rapper is proving she has what it takes to be a multi-faceted icon.

Stemming from her Instagram video days, Cardi has long shown her personality and it was only a matter of time before she landed on camera and showing off more of her acting skills.

Although the entertainer declined to perform during the SuperBowl’s halftime performance with Maroon 5 due to her own political views, she was chosen by producers to be the official spokesperson of the Pepsi Brand and accepted the offer. While it isn’t her first commercial during the Superbowl, this is the bigger brand she’s worked with. If you recall, Cardi made a cameo during the Alexa commercial during last year’s game.

The commercial ran for 30 seconds and in true Cardi fashion, featured a massive “OKUUUURR” to describe the taste of PEPSI and the experience it brings when people drink it.
When asked about her experience shooting the commercial, Cardi told PEOPLE Magazine, “The biggest of the biggest stars have done Pepsi.”

Known for her colorful and unfiltered personality, Cardi knew that within the short time frame of the commercial spot, she’d have to give it her all and make every second count. “It’s really small words, so you gotta like pop. You gotta make good face expressions. You gotta make your presence be felt, so if you don’t even say nothing, your presence gotta be felt.”

Key takeaways for anyone in the entertainment industry and wanting to expand into other avenues and try new ventures: Make your presence felt. Regardless of Cardi’s stance on the NFL Organization and her choice not to perform, Cardi’s presence and star power are undeniable which made her a viable option for the PEPSI brand to want to work with.





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