When you think of moguls in entertainment, names like Rihanna, Beyonce’, and Jay-Z instantly come to mind. While our favorite celebrities have paved the way in their own right, it’s time to make room for the newest playmaker in the industry.

Now 14-year old actress, Marsai Martin, is causing an uproar and showing that age means nothing when you have a vision and are destined for greatness. The young actress known for her role as “Diane” in ABC’s Black-ish has now added the title ‘executive producer’ to her resume. Martin pitched the movie Little and is producing and starring in the star-studded film along with Regina Hall and Issa Rae.

Credit: Universal Studios

Fans and entertainment colleagues are calling this a power move with a dose of ‘black girl magic’ and it’s hard to disagree. When you think back on your childhood and what you were doing at the age of 10, it probably wasn’t creating a concept and pitching a movie to high-level executives.

Although the anticipation and excitement behind the movie is revving up, making it to the big screen didn’t come without its challenges. Standing firm in her vision to create the movie, Martin made the decision to part ways with her publicist at the time. Through reports, it was shared that Martin’s publicist wanted her to take a break in between filming for Black-ish and not move forward with pitching her movie.

The signs of a true mogul, Martin stood firm on what she created and decided to fire her publicist and move forward to pitch the movie idea. Little will follow the journey of a rampant boss, Jordan who is cursed and goes from being an overwhelmed and unfriendly adult to a carefree adolescent in middle school. We’ll see little Jordan have a second chance at childhood and attempt to continue operating a successful company.

The movie concept was inspired by the 1980s movie, Big, and is completely Martin’s idea from beginning to end. She pitched her idea to Will Packer Productions alongside scriptwriter Tracy Y. Oliver (Girls Trip).

Oliver recalled the moment she and Martin got together to pitch the movie and spoke highly of the young star calling her brilliant. This is a true testament of surrounding yourself with others that believe in you and all that you have to offer. While Martin may still have more to learn from those in the industry that are older and more seasoned, at her young age, she has a lot to teach those coming up after her.

Martin is showing that not even the sky is the limit and all it takes is for you to believe in your ideas and to have the faith to act on it. If this is what the young actress is producing in her teenage years, we can only imagine the force she’ll become as she grows older.

Credit: Universal Studios

Martin has made it clear that this is only the beginning of her producing career. While this is the first movie she’ll perform in front of the camera and behind the camera for, it most certainly won’t be her last.

The trailer for Little took social media by storm and is already receiving high reviews and anticipation. The film is set to premiere in theaters at the end of 2019.

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