Is it safe to say that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is The King of The World?

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Ever since the blockbuster actor, producer, comedian, and rapper graced us with his presence on social media/YouTube, the world has honestly been a much happier, funnier, and more inspiring place.

In a legendary act, true to his larger than life personality –  the Fresh Prince of our hearts decided to celebrate his 50th birthday in a monumental way. In a one-hour special broadcasted live on YouTube, Will Smith helli-bungee’d over the Grand Canyon… yes, he jumped out of a helicopter, by way of bungee cords…at the Grand Canyon.

But to be fair, could we expect anything less from Big Willy himself? Surrounded by his family and longtime friend – Alphonso Ribeiro, Will Smith did the unthinkable (and I’d like to think he reversed the “Trevor” curse as well.  *Hilary Banks, will youuu maaarryyy* — haha)

I digress…While it was evident that he was a tad bit nervous about the dangerous stunt, we can all learn a valuable lesson from Mr. Smith… When you’re scared, you’ve got to find the courage to push through anyway.

Here are 5 Gems Mr. Smith dropped before and after his epic 50th Birthday JUMP:

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My Squad holding me down for my big 5-0. We’re gonna start live streaming on my YouTube soon, link in bio #willsmiththejump

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1. Fear is Blinding– “Fear kills your ability to see beauty.”

2. Fear is Binding – “There’s a real relationship between freedom and joy… and fear, fear is a cage, it traps you.”

3. You Must Confront Your Fears – “Anytime I’m scared of something, I feel impelled to attack it. If you’re scared to bet, you can’t win. I get great joy out of conquering things I’m afraid of.”

4. Conquering Fear Has Its Rewards – “Pure terror will turn into absolute bliss. You need that pain to be able to experience/measure pleasure.”

5. Commit! “Don’t Hesitate. Go! Commit! You’ve gotta commit. You know. You might get hurt, you might lose something, but it’s like – you can’t experience the joy that’s intended for you in life if you don’t GO!”

Well said, well said. Happy Birthday Will, and thanks for being such a gift to the culture.

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