There might be some gold behind Issa Rae’s character on Insecure as she raps her innermost thoughts in front of the mirror. As a bathroom MC, Issa gets creative being honest with herself as she finds the confidence before stepping out to face whatever conflict is happening in a given episode.

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The lyrics and  lifestyles of your favorite rapper have a way of manifesting goals they have for themselves.

Is there something to be learned from this concept of putting creative words of affirmation into the universe with rhyme and rhythm?

But you don’t have to be an artist to tap into this kind of creative manifestation. Anyone can benefit from evoking the confidence of their favorite artists, especially if they believe in themselves. Check out these…7 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams Like Your Favorite Rapper: 

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1. Gather Your Entourage: Your entourage is your support system holding you accountable as you chase your dreams. Instead of hanging with the wrong crew or surrounding yourself with “yes men,”  it’s important to have people around you who keep you motivated but are also willing to tell you the truth. Your entourage are your friends, family, and mentors who help you along the way celebrating your wins and readjusting failure as simple mistakes toward improvement.

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2. Swagga Like Us: Swagger isn’t just the clothes you wear, but how you carry yourself no matter what room you walk into. Your stride let’s people know you have the confidence of what it takes and is proud of the work you are dedicated to.

3. Speak Your Ideas into Existence: In “Brooklyn (Go Hard),” released in 2009, Jay-Z raps, “Now when I bring the Nets, I’m the Black Branch Rickey…” By 2012, he accomplished the goal of bringing the Nets in Brooklyn.

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This speaks to the power of reciting your dreams. As you repeat these ideas or “lyrics” daily, it becomes part of your daily affirmations and embeds within the subconscious, allowing you to have a positive connection to what you desire most from your life.

Treating your goals like a rap song over a dope beat, and performing them in the mirror with conviction can help you manifest your goals.

4. Having faith and belief in yourself: Imagine having the utmost belief in making your dreams come to fruition like Foxx-a-million on Wipe Me Down, “I pull up at the club VIP Gas tank on E But all drinks on me (wipe me down).” Don’t worry about what could go wrong, instead focus on being present and all the good that can come from showing up and believing in yourself.

5. Charge your worth: Charging your worth is important starting out as a creative. You don’t want to lowball yourself and be stuck at a rate that makes it difficult for you to make a living off your talents, but you should be mindful of your skill sets to secure the bag. Taking internships and free projects is a great way to break into your industry, but keep in mind that people should pay for quality work.

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6. Guest Verses are Connections: Collaborations are a great way to get your name out there and network with other individuals. Your work can be featured on another platform to share your art and expand your social network. Treating it like a guest verse of your favorite song is the beauty in finding creative ways to stay motivated and getting accustomed to reaching out to new people.

So let me get this straight, wait, I’m the rookie?
But my features and my shows ten times your pay?
50K for a verse, no album out

Nicki Minaj’s infamous verse on Kanye West’s single “Monster” earned her industry respect and catapulted her into the realm of being able to deliver a solid 16 on someone else’s record. Connecting with other creatives can help both parties reach their end goal of being successful with more visibility.

7. Hustle Hard: In the music industry, we get to witness first-hand how artists hustle hard to stay on top. From albums, to guest features, to endorsement deals, it pays to have multiple ways to stay paid and creative.

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Your talent don’t just stop at the one thing you’re naturally good at. Find ways to use your skills in other areas that give you the freedom and connections to expand. Don’t stick with what you’re use to, but be open to the endless possibilities of where your talents can take you.

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