When was the last time you Google’d yourself? Take a second and do it now…I’ll wait. What comes up? Scroll the images, social media profiles, and/or bylines associated with your name. That’s your brand.

As buzzwordy as it may sound – whether you’re a creative, an entrepreneur, or owner of an Instagram page – you have a distinct personal brand.

Are you representing yourself the way you want to be seen by potential clients, employers, or booking agents? Does your personal brand need a makeover? For creatives who want to be intentional about building a sharp personal brand, social media expert James Andrews is our guru!


Serving as the Chief Digital Evangelist for Studio Good, an award-winning digital and social good agency, Andrews is the secret weapon for top name companies that want to connect with the community while taking their brand to next level.

In addition to his high-profile client list including, Nike, Beats by DreJane Fonda, Equinox Fitness, The Grammy Awards and Lexus, Andrews has also carved out a niche as social media coach for celebrities, including aging adult adopters of social media like Jane Fonda, who jokingly refers to him as her personal “tech guy.”

Photo: Twitter/@keyinfluencer

An early pioneer of online marketing, Andrews spent the 90’s making stars of talented artists. 

As a senior marketing strategist within Columbia Records, Andrews played a hands-on roll in shaping the careers of world renowned artists like Destiny’s Child, The Fugees, Nas, Maxwell, and Lauryn Hill.

Photo: Linkedin/jamesandrews2

With a proven track record of marketing genius,  Andrews bet on himself, investing time and money into making technology, brands, cities and culture better. 

Suffice it to say, that when it comes to brand building and strategic marketing, James Andrews is that dude!

Whether you’re just starting out, or already working an established brand, Andrews is the go-to guru for key gems on how to articulate your worth and build your brand.

Dewey Da Don recently sat down with the social media maven to talk branding, sustainability, and funding. Check James Andrews’ Mogul Minute below:

Did you catch those gems, though?

1. What is your brand? Understand your brand and what your brand is and what you stand for. Think about the things that you will not waiver on.

2. How long will it take to build your brand? The biggest mistakes artists make is that they fail to realize that it’s a marathon not a race. The important thing is when you are building a brand; it takes time for people to connect with the brand. You can’t use metrics that other artists use. You have to look at your own growth.

3. How to get things done when funds are limited? You have to understand your currency. Sometimes its not always money. Understand what you have access to and what that is worth and most important, what are you worth? What are you willing to stand for? What are you willing to say, “no, I can’t do that deal. I’m out.”


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