Sacramento Knoxx developed his unique sound by listening to 80’s rock bands, techno, jazz, swing and of course Motown. “When I was younger, I listened to what I had access to. To this day, my favorite rock band is Queen,” Knoxx says. “I have definitely been influenced by a lot of different artists and genres of music.”

I’m pretty confident you haven’t heard music like this. Knoxx, who is Ojibwe and Mexican, intertwines hip-hop with techno and then tops it with indigenous music.

You could say he was sort of a music prodigy growing up. In order to practice playing the trumpet, Knoxx recorded drum breaks in eight and four bars and looped it. He jokes that he kind of made a drum machine with a tape recorder. Talk about dedication!

Fast-forward to present and the Detroit rapper, artist and activist is using his music to inspire and uplift the community he was raised in.

Photo: Mari Visualz

Knoxx works with AADIZOOKAAN, a multimedia organization that brings photographers, musicians, videographers and artists together to collaborate on various projects, while helping to revitalize the community. (AADIZOOKIAN translates to “the sacred spirit of the story”, which is from the Anishinabe language, the first people in the Detroit area)

“I give a major shout out to this organization because we come together to help build a better Detroit,” Knoxx says. “We want to plant the seed and continue to see positive changes.”

Combining ancestral tradition with live video and melodic drumbeats, no two performances are the same.  Audiences are treated to a soul-provoking musical experience when Knoxx performs.

“Most would describe my shows as refreshing and transformative,” Knoxx says. “You can really feel the beats and the music. You start to look at stuff different. It’s like a spiritual healing.”

Talk about creative inspiration. Sacramento Knoxx has managed to fuse his cultural heritage and musical talent to create art that impacts the world around him.

We’ see you Knoxx…we’re here for it.

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