The Syncopated Ladies are slaying the game! Not only has the “female tap band” demolished the mold in a dance genre historically dominated by men, they have breathed new life into a classic art form by infusing tap with a dope, sexy, and modern spin.

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Since gaining mass popularity in 2016 after their tribute to Beyoncé’s “Formation” went globally viral, the L.A. based all women’s tap dance group has continued to top themselves producing stylized videos choreographed over popular hits and performed with a distinct undertone of female empowerment.  Their recent rendition of “Everybody’s Mad” in tribute to the Beyoncé’s now legendary #Beychella performance was no exception.

But, make no mistake, this epic glow up didn’t happen over night, nor did it occur by chance. Started by sisters Chloe and Maud Arnold, the Syncopated Ladies were putting in work for 15 years before stomping across our timelines.

After a jam session at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Chloe – a Columbia University film school graduate, partnered with her sister and co-director, Maud to polish the group’s image with high-quality videos for online distribution. Talk about #BlackGirlMagic…

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When it comes to paving a unique and independent pathway as artists, these ladies know a thing or two about seizing the moment. Watch as Dewy Da Don talks with the Syncopated Ladies about passion, determination, and the power of service.

Did you catch those gems though? Let’s break it down.

Passion: The number one rule for these ladies is to never create to go viral, but instead to create from the heart and from what they love. Passion is the driving force to remaining consistent and dedicated to the art form first. Vying on viral sensation could have potential drawbacks of creating from a place that’s inauthentic to who you are. Having a genuine passion for your craft will keep you grounded and long lasting positive effects on those who are influenced by your art. Although Chloe was unsure how she was going to develop this community of women, she had the passion and determination to move forward with her idea.


Determination: Syncopated ladies was created out of passion and the need to show the world there is a place for women who love to tap dance. They created their own path with other like minded women who wanted to show the world that tap and pop culture can co-exist. These women strive to develop a community built on sisterhood, unity, and self expression.

Service: With one stroke of support from Queen Bey, the Sycnopated Ladies lives have transformed for the better and they are paying it forward by giving back to their community, empowering women through their art form, and dedicating free tap classes to a new generation of dancers.

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