With over twenty years in comedy, actor and comedian Guy Torry has achieved the kind of career longevity that is rare in comedy. Before staring in blockbuster films like Life with Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence, Torry cut his teeth as a stand-up comedian working in Los Angeles clubs.

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His career gained steam after featuring on Def Comedy Jam and going on to appear in a number of films and television shows. Torry is the mastermind behind the most Gif’d and Meme’d “Romantic Weekend” episode from the popular 90’s  sitcom, “Martin.”

During this episode, Gina grew jealous of Pam and Tommy’s relationship, and to rival that Martin took her to an island resort. Upon their arrival, Martin realizes the hotel room is filthy and Pam and Tommy are in the adjacent room. As their increasing frustration boils up, a rat approaches their hotel window forcing everyone to fight off the rodent. 23 years later, this unforgettable episode is still hilarious.

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So, what’s the lesson here for an up and coming mogul? Through a vast variety of creative ventures, Torry took the time to invest in his craft, which opened doors for him to share his voice and his humor.

Watch as he sits down with, Atlanta-based hip hop artist, Dew DaDon to discuss the importance of confidence, utilizing your support system, discipline, and evolving with the times to accomplish your career goals.


Be Disciplined. Breaking into the industry can present obstacles, but it’s important to put in the work first that leads to open doors and opportunity.To master anything, you must stay discipline and consistent. Before Torry became a well known comedian and actor, he dedicated his time to practicing three times a day seven days a week. He studied the game, and paid his dues in order to plant his feet in comedy. He established who he was and the value he provided to others, consistently.

Evolve With The Changes. The world is always in a constant state of change.  With new ideas and new technology, embrace those changes by developing a healthy relationship with discomfort. Instead of becoming complacent in where you are, get smart about transitions that can advance your career as you continue to groom your core fans and be introduced to new ones.

Demonstrate Confidence. Stop calling yourself an aspiring artist. You are an artist. Confidence in yourself and in your talents is the driving force of self-acceptance and ownership. Aspiring leaves room for the future, when you are creative at this very moment. Just because someone doesn’t know who you are doesn’t mean you should lack the confidence you need to know and accept yourself as an artist.

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