Twenty-one-year-old rapper Chika is a viral sensation.

In an open letter to Kanye West spit over an instrumental of “Jesus Walks,” Chika went in on the rapper and his often controversial antics. Since voicing the apparent frustrations felt by many of Yeezy’s long term fans, Chika has exploded across social media generating the kind of organic buzz for which PR teams invest millions.

With undeniable skills and viral popularity, the reaction’s to her flow has been incredible! She has gained the support of many noted celebs and influencers including Ice-T and Don Cheadle. She also earned a coveted seat on Hot97’s Funk Flex freestyle.

Photo: YouTube/LNB

But, what may look like a chance moment of viral fame has been a long time in the making for the Nigerian-American artist. Chika has been out here building her following and honing her craft for sometime now.

Here Are 5 Key Lessons You Can Learn From Chika About Creating Your Viral Moment:

Photo: Billboard

Step 1: Respect Your Process – With an Instagram following of over 178,000, Chika has built her social media fan base organically. But, a scroll through her timeline reveals that your girl was delivering fire verses just as consistently to 100 followers as she does now for more than 100,000.

The Lesson: Respect your small beginnings. Few people go viral over night. In order to get there you have to perform with the same energy for your audience of friends, cousins, and kinfolk as you would for a panel of industry execs.

Photo: Super Dope&Extra Lit Magazine

2. Be Consistent – Chika drops an average of one freestyle per week. That means, that whether she feels like it or not, no matter what’s going on in her personal life, she is committed to maintaining her posting schedule. This requires discipline.

The Lesson: When it comes to building a fan base, consistency is key.

Photo: Konbini

3. Create Your Own Wave Chika has created her own wave by being authentic and true to herself. There is no denying the authenticity in her craft, lyricism and critical thought.

The Lesson: Don’t ride the wave. Create your own.

Photo: Instagram/ @oranicuhh

4. Maximize The Moment – Notorious for her responses to new album releases and controversial moments from bigger hip hop artists, Chika leverages what’s trending and flips it to her viral advantage.

The Lesson: Master the art of maximizing the moment.

Photo:  Instagram/ @oranicuhh

Step 5: Up Your Game -With widespread support including features in major music publications and rumored offers from majors, Chika has stepped up her game and shows no sign of stopping. Get familiar with this dope rapper as she continues to showcase her abilities.

Cover: 1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’) | J. Cole

“But before we move along, I want to make some things clear, priorities don’t
correlate to age. They’re 33 I’m 21 and on the same page.”

Cover: Kevin’s Heart | J. Cole

“You got a girl with a vision, the perfect addition, but you just don’t wanna do
Cover: I Like | Cardi B

“They try to reach, but they can’t leech off my potential.”

Cover: Nice for what | Drake

“Can’t a brotha tell me what I’m gon do and if he thinks he can he been singing to
the wrong tune.”

Cover: Ric Flair Drip | Offset + Metro Boomin’

i can paint a picture with the wordplay. ? || ric flair drip: offset x metro boomin ???

A post shared by CHIKA (@oranicuhh) on

“Checking any niggas that’s looking at me sideways.”

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