Technology has revolutionized the business of music. Artist can now use their personal social media accounts to circumvent traditional industry gatekeepers to build their own following, book their own shows, and interact directly with their audience. Musicians can now record and distribute their music, and shoot videos at minimal cost. While it’s true that there is no longer one pathway for breaking into the music industry,

both traditional and independent routes offer their own risk and rewards, but neither can be done without hard work.

Music entrepreneur, talent manager, and industry vet Adrian Miller has a proven track record of converting tireless work ethic into tangible opportunity to usher new talent into the spotlight.


Miller, who discovered and currently manages Anderson.Paak, got his start in the business as a radio intern at Tulsa University in Oklahoma, eventually moving up the racks within the urban market.

Prior to starting his own company XYION, Miller worked in various capacities for several media platforms including Hit Magazine, Immortal Records, and Warner Bro. Music Group. He was involved in sparking the careers of some of the defining hip hop acts of the 90’s.  Coolio, The Pharcyde, and Cypress Hill where all discovered by Miller.

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Adrian Miller sat down with Atlanta-based Hip Hop artist Dewey Da Don to talk about the
benefits of signing with a major label, music trends, and the qualities of a hit record. If you
are an artist on the verge, take a look at this week’s Mogul Minute:

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