2. Why are you doing this? The simplest, most complicated question there is. If you’re feeling restless or edgy in your career, relationship, or where you are in life – ask yourself why you’re there.

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Is it to fulfill someone else’s expectation? Are you afraid that it’s the only thing you’re capable of doing? Where are your motives rooted? What you’re doing is far less important than why you’re doing it.

3. What are your patterns? What role do you constantly find yourself in? Are you the bossy one, the confidant, the leader? Are you the person who people always look for to plan and organize an event? You know that’s not by coincidence, right? Take a second look at the areas where you naturally thrive.

4. Who inspires you? Who is your favorite, most inspiring musician, actor, influencer? If you study that person, follow their story, listen to their interviews, I bet at some point they have confessed that they have gone to great extremes to operate in their calling.

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That’s likely the reason you are so drawn to them. When you are doing what you were created to do, that energy is magnetic, it just radiates. It’s bigger than you.

5. When do you feel your best? There’s something you love so much that when you do it, hours and hours go by and you barely notice. It comes easy, it’s second nature, it’s almost effortless. When you’re playing to your strengths, the flourish comes naturally.

6. Okay, your talented…Now what? Congratulations! You’ve discovered your hidden talent!

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Once you’ve identified your patterns and honed in on your strengths, you have uncovered your hidden talent. Now comes the hard part, how are you going to use it.

7. How do you make your talent work for you? Identifying your talent is one thing, what you decide to do with that information is something entirely different. There might not be a job description or set template for what you want to do. Are you willing to create one? Just because you love something doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drop everything in pursuit of it – or maybe it does. Does your talent become your career, or just a hobby that you love? There aren’t any wrong answers here, it’s up to you

8. Is there a blueprint? You’re not the first person to try and carve their own path. It has been done before, and successfully. Wendy Williams has carved out a career around her mastery of gossiping…GOSSIP. Issa Rae is out here killing it by being her hilariously awkward self. There are tons of individuals whose names we will never know, who are doing life successfully, on their own terms. It is entirely possible to create your own niche if you’re willing to put in the effort.

9. Where should you start?  Start from where you are.

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Want to be a hair stylist? Enroll in one class. Do you have dreams of becoming a celeb chef? Start by creating a YouTube cooking channel. Have a great idea for an app? Research a DYI app maker. You get the point. If you want something, what’s the harm in taking one small step in that direction? No one said you have to drop everything and go running off into the sunset, but try starting from where you are.

Once you discover your talent and start taking baby steps in pursuit of it, people and opportunities-that are perfectly aligned with your purpose- will begin showing up. It’s actually pretty amazing. But, you’ll never know where your talent will take you if don’t try.


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